Orders and Payment

If you're interested in making orders, you just need to call us at these numbers and emails below:-

1. Pn. Zaridah binti Ramli (017-7290346) / kancilmerah@hotmail.com
 or just contact at her Facebook Zaridah Ramli

2. Dr. Khairuddin bin Mohamad (012-3769124) / khairuddin37@hotmail.com
 or just contact at his Facebook Khairuddin Mohamad

3. Nur Izzati binti Khairuddin (017-6486392) / misz.zatie92@hotmail.my
 or just contact at her Facebook Nur Izzati Khairuddin

And if you want to confirm your order, don't hesitate to bank in the payment in this account below:-

BSN Account Number

Thank you for trusting our products!